Karma Yoga

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Our Story

“For me, yoga is not just a workout – it’s about working on yourself.”

Karma Yoga was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2012 by Shilpa Jain, who believed that, “Yoga is the journey. Practice is the path.” Shilpa is a graduate of the Rishikesh Yogpeeth and has been teaching yoga since 2008.  Shilpa excels in teaching traditional Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini Yoga, as well as Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Children's Yoga and Health & Wellness classes.

Karma Yoga continues to be a journey of self-discovery for those who come through its doors. We strive to honor the founding principles they set forth, recognizing that there is a yoga for everybody and every body. Whether you are young or old, experienced or a total beginner, we have a yoga for you.

From your first class until the day, Karma Yoga is here to serve the needs of our students and the yoga community at large.

We welcome you to our yoga classes and create symphony of the life with rhythm in your body, melody in the mind & the harmony in your soul.


Shilpa Jain

Why Us?

Many people practice different forms of yoga as only another physical exercise (like just another cardio or Pilates class, or simply as just a stress reducer) and that's fine.

For us at Karma Yoga, it is spiritual.
The act of practicing poses (asanas) that require strength, can translate into developing mental/spiritual strength.

Practicing asanas requiring balance and flexibility, that develops mental balance and flexibility.

If you seek spirituality and want to feel healthier in mind, body and spirit, contact us!